Clinical Studies

GRAIL Clinical Research Program

In order to enable the most accurate early detection of cancer, GRAIL is conducting what we believe to be one of the largest clinical study programs ever pursued in genomic medicine. We are collaborating with leading community and academic medical centers to conduct studies enrolling tens of thousands of people to identify the patterns required to detect many types of cancer and help validate GRAIL’s products.

We are developing a blood test combining high-intensity genomic sequencing and complex computational algorithms that assess vast amounts of clinical data to find cancer-specific patterns. Our population-scale clinical studies aim to identify the patterns required to detect many types of cancer, including to help validate Galleri, GRAIL’s early detection test.

Current Studies


SUMMIT will evaluate the ability of a blood test to detect multiple cancer types, including lung cancer, in a diverse population of men and women who do not have a cancer diagnosis at the time of enrollment. It will include a group of individuals at higher risk for cancer due to smoking history.

Current Status: Enrolling


The PATHFINDER Study will evaluate the implementation of GRAIL’s investigational test designed to detect and localize multiple types of cancer through a single blood draw…

Current Status: Follow-up

Circulating Cell-free Genome Atlas Study

CCGA is characterizing the landscape of genomic cancer signals in the blood (cell-free nucleic acid (cfNA) profiles) in individuals with and without cancer, and is being used to discover, develop, and validate a blood test designed to detect cancer early...

Current Status: Follow-up


STRIVE will validate a blood test designed to detect cancer early in a group of people without a known cancer diagnosis...

Current Status: Follow-up