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Precision Oncology

We are developing our precision oncology portfolio and launched our research use only (“RUO”) targeted methylation platform with customizable classifiers in 2023. We have partnered with a number of leading oncology therapeutics companies to test applications of biomarkers with the goal of optimizing the use of therapeutic interventions.

These partnerships have generated findings that support expansion into precision oncology applications, including pre- and post-treatment prognosis, recurrence detection, and clinical monitoring.

Some of our partnerships also include development of customized applications to support clinical studies and companion diagnostic development and commercialization.
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Our RUO offering uses our proprietary targeted methylation platform to analyze cfDNA isolated from peripheral blood for cancer signal interrogation. Our RUO technology estimates tumor burden based on tumor methylation fraction, enabling longitudinal monitoring and surveillance solutions. Data from our studies have demonstrated analytically validated performance, and robust analytical sensitivity, specificity, and precision.

Potential applications for our technology in a precision oncology setting include pre-treatment prognosis, post-treatment prognosis or minimal residual disease (“MRD”), biomarker discovery, detection of recurrence, and clinical monitoring.