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Independent medical education (IME) grants

Independent Medical Education (IME) is defined as education for healthcare professionals (HCPs) provided by an independent educational provider, such as a community hospital, academic center, society/association, or medical education company.

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Program details

GRAIL is committed to funding innovative and impactful education to support practicing healthcare professionals and the communities of care that they manage within our areas of interest.

GRAIL is currently supporting education focused on the topic of Multi-Cancer Early Detection and the Clinical Suspicion of Cancer.

NOTE: Applications for funding must be submitted at least 60 days before a decision is requested.

For a transparency listing of GRAIL-supported independent activities – please click here.

Objectives of interest

Identified through independent assessment, our objectives of interest include, but are not limited to:

Multi-Cancer Early Detection

  • Education on the latest in cancer biology (eg, methylation and cell-free DNA [cfDNA]) and cancer control through early detection methods
  • Education on the current recommended screening guidelines (benefits, limitations, value) and emerging science for cancer control through early detection (eg, disparity reduction, population-scale management, integration and value of technology, and multi-cancer early detection)
  • Supporting the development of tools to enable clinical integration and workflow optimization of the latest cancer control and detection methods

Clinical Suspicion of Cancer

  • Education on early clinical symptomatology found to predict the chances of patients having cancer, including the latest in cancer biology (eg, epigenetics, methylation)
  • Education on evidence-based diagnostic guidelines (eg, benefits, limitations, value), and emerging science for population health management in patients where cancer is suspected
  • Supporting the development of tools to enable clinical care improvement, disparity reduction, and referral and workup optimization to shorten the diagnostic journey in patients where cancer is suspected

Eligibility requirements

  • Organization must be an accredited educational organization, certified through a recognized accreditation council (eg, ACCME).
  • Organization must be in good standing with any and all accrediting organizations for which work will be performed
  • Neither the organization nor any of its owners, officers, or directors are excluded or debarred from participating in any government program.
  • Organization is appropriately firewalled from any affiliated sister or parent organization that provides strategy, marketing, or commercial services to GRAIL and its partners.
  • Organization must have appropriate experience for the requested program and audience; and must be able to provide examples with outcomes.
Submission information

Importantly, submission of educational proposals that meet educational objectives by organizations that meet eligibility requirements does not guarantee approval nor that a grant will be awarded.

Responsibility and control over the selection, content, faculty, educational methods, materials, and venue for an independent medical education event belongs solely to the educational provider. GRAIL will not provide any advice or guidance to the independent medical education provider regarding the content or faculty for any program that has received funding.

To inquire further please reach out to

Thank you for considering GRAIL for the support of your educational program.