GRAIL Stands Against Injustice and Racism
June 6, 2020

For too long, injustice and racism have harmed black communities everywhere. The brutal and senseless killing of George Floyd, and the resulting civil unrest across our country, forces us all to look deep within ourselves and ask what we can do to help society overcome the scourge of racism. Ours is a company deeply committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity, and we will continue to pursue actions that sustain change and chart a more just and equitable future for those who suffer because of systemic and implicit racism.

We embrace the spirit of unity and accountability that is required of us all at this moment. GRAIL has committed to facilitating open and respectful conversations among employees about the pain and ugliness of racism, and will support a new employee resource group, open to all, that will help foster diversity and community initiatives. GRAIL will also provide dedicated time for employees to help Black communities and community organizations through volunteering.

We at GRAIL will stand with Black people everywhere in this struggle for equality and justice for as long as it takes.