Blood-based cancer detection in plasma cell-free DNA (cfDNA): evaluating clinical and pathologic tumor characteristics in participants with breast cancer

December 13, 2019

Oral Presentation: Novel non-invasive cell-free nucleic acid-based diagnostic test for liver fibrosis in patients with type II diabetes

November 10, 2019

Optimized Early Cancer Detection from Whole-Genome Sequencing of Cell-Free DNA

October 16, 2019

Oral Presentation: Simultaneous multi-cancer detection and tissue of origin (TOO) localization using targeted bisulfite sequencing of plasma cellfree DNA (cfDNA)

October 11, 2019

Simultaneous Multi-cancer Detection and Tissue of Origin (TOO) Localization Using Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing of Plasma Cell-free DNA (cfDNA)

Oral Presentation: Multi-cancer detection of early-stage cancers with simultaneous tissue localization using a plasma cfDNA-based targeted methylation assay

September 27, 2019

Trial in Progress: Cancer Screening Study With or Without Low Dose Lung CT to Validate a Multi-cancer Early Detection Blood Test: SUMMIT

September 8, 2019

Prognostic Significance of Blood-based Cancer Detection in Plasma Cell-free DNA (cfDNA): Evaluating Risk of Overdiagnosis

June 3, 2019

The Circulating Cell-free Genome Atlas (CCGA) Study: Follow-up (F/U) on Non-cancer Participants with Cancer-like Cell-free DNA Signals

June 1, 2019

The Circulating Cell-free Genome Atlas (CCGA) Study: Size Selection of Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) Fragments

Genome-wide Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) Methylation Signatures and Effect on Tissue of Origin (TOO) Performance


May 22, 2019

Tumor Shedding into Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is Associated with High-mortality Cancers

May 10, 2019

Detection of Tissue-specific RNA in the Plasma of Cancer Patients: A Circulating Cell-free Genome Atlas (CCGA) Substudy

May 9, 2019

Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) Fragment Length Patterns of Tumor- and Blood-derived Variants in Participants With and Without Cancer

April 2, 2019