GRAIL applauds policymakers’ commitment to MCED access
June 27, 2024

We believe screening individuals for many types of cancer with a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test represents a significant opportunity to reduce the burden of cancer. Today, with a unanimous vote to advance the “Nancy Gardner Sewell Medicare Multi-Detection Early Detection Screening Coverage Act,” the House Committee on Ways and Means took an important step on the path to ensuring Medicare beneficiaries and their doctors can access these innovative screening tests once they are FDA-approved. While this is a necessary legislative step, in order to become law the bill would have to be passed by the House and the Senate, and then signed into law by the President.

GRAIL stands with the policymakers and cancer community leaders who are working to ensure, through legislation, that Medicare beneficiaries — who have the highest risk for cancer due to age — do not face unnecessary barriers to access.