Press Releases

GRAIL Announces Appointment of Jennifer Cook as Chief Executive Officer

December 14 2017

GRAIL Appoints Chairman Bill Rastetter to Chief Executive Officer

August 2 2017

GRAIL Announces Data From Early Research Analyzing its High-Intensity Sequencing Approach

June 3 2017

GRAIL and Cirina Combine to Create Global Company Focused on Early Detection of Cancer

May 31 2017

GRAIL Announces Board of Directors Appointments

May 4 2017

GRAIL Initiates the STRIVE Study to Advance Development of Blood Tests to Detect Cancer Early

April 20 2017

GRAIL Closes Over $900 Million Initial Investment in Series B Financing to Develop Blood Tests to Detect Cancer Early

March 1 2017

GRAIL Plans to Raise in Excess of $1B in Series B Funding

January 5 2017

GRAIL Announces Circulating Cell-free Genome Atlas (CCGA) Study as Foundation for Development of Blood Test to Detect Cancer Early

December 1 2016

GRAIL Hires Google Executive Jeff Huber as CEO to Lead Development for Early Cancer Detection

February 10 2016

Illumina Forms New Company to Enable Early Cancer Detection via Blood-Based Screening

January 10 2016

Press & Media

Most Cancer Is Bad Luck And Early Detection is a Cure, Say Hopkins Researchers

March 23 2017

Chasing The Grail: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Illumina, and Google Ventures Are Betting This Company Will Find A Cure For Cancer

NewCO Shift
June 1 2016

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